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What Our Customers Say

"They were very easy to work with. They understood situations that would come up. They would handle all of our concerns whether they were small or big with the greatest amount of care and sensitivity to our situation."

-Reggie, Homeowner

"It was a pleasure to work with KLM right from the start. Bruce made us feel comfortable, we felt there was a trust right from the beginning. One of his biggest strengths was being able to communicate with us every step of the way."

-Laura, Homeowner

"Bruce Garnder was 'Johnny on the spot' for everything, calling if there was ever a change. He took such good care of us!"

-Marge, Homeowner

"Linda Adamson was our stylist and was so helpful, this was a positive experience for us from beginning to end. We just love our new kitchen!"​

-Marge, Homeowner

"This was a positive experience. Bruce had my back, he was here every step of the way. He was the first one to show and the last one to leave. He was wonderful ... just love Bruce!"

-Beverly, Homeowner

"KLM was wonderful to work with. When I didn't have any ideas they would guide me in the right direction. When I did have an idea they knew exactly how to implement that into the house. Yes, I am so happy that we did this!

-Marggie, Homeowner

Geneva National Modern Kitchen Remodel


Des Plaines Kitchen Remodel Wide

Let's Discuss Your Remodeling Goals

The same quality craftsman have been with KLM for decades. We'll collaborate with you to make your project a reality.

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